Update June 18, 2007

After 4+ months of logistical nightmares, the server we purchased for an awesome deal has arrived. Unfortunately, the deal was not so awesome after shipping. We got dinged a bit more than budgeted for shipping and to make matters worse, the server arrived damaged and missing parts. The work to migrate to the new server is still underway and things look promising for the new features and faster capability. This had an out of pocket expense for both Earl (ensteele) and myself. I know the upgrades will be worth it and I am excited as ever to bring the new services online. This being said, I am keeping the donations drive alive so we can not only get some replacement parts, but pay for licensing on some new software packages and reimburse Earl for his out of pocket expenses above and beyond.

Chris Townsend
Founder/Admin SVX World Network

Snail Mail donations: (Checks / Money Orders made out to "Chris Townsend")
SVX World Network
attn: Chris Townsend
8752 W. Canterbury St.
Boise, ID. 83704

Paypal works well, but there is a $0.30 + 2.9% fee deducted from every donation made with Paypal.

Google checkout has insisted we remove our ability to take donations via their system. They do not allow donations to be made through their system without a tax exempt ID. Needless to say, until we get some assistance filing and completing a 501c, Google Checkout will not be an option.