SVX Worldwide Network   


Posting Guidelines, Rules, and Actions:  


  • First and foremost, please treat all members with the same amount of respect you wish to receive.  If you do not wish to receive respect, you probably don’t belong here.


  • If a Moderator or Administrator tells you something, please obey it.  Whether it is cleaning up your language, decreasing the size of a file, or any other reasonable request within the context of these guidelines, you must comply or face the possibility of expulsion.


  • Coarse, vulgar, or malicious language is not allowed, and will be censored along with a warning.  If it continues, a time out, or suspension will apply.


  • Flames and baiting members are not acceptable.  Posts like these will be deleted and offenders will be warned.


  • Inflammatory, sexist, and racist comments, as well as those containing strong sexual content, will not be tolerated.  They will be deleted immediately and the member will be warned.


  • All posts are to be made in English.  If you post something in a different language, a translation is required. The staff only reads English text, therefore we cannot moderate posts that are not written in English.


  • By the same token, this is “World” Network and we realize that English is not the first language of some of our members.  We ask that other members appreciate their willingness to post in English and make allowances for their errors.  In other words, don’t flame members whose English is less than perfect, especially those whose primary language isn’t English. 


  • Do not post the same thread in more than one forum - choose the most appropriate forum for your topic and post it once only.


  • For Sale or Wanted Forum - Any person who engages in a monetary transaction with members of this forum does so at their own risk.  We do not know all members and we cannot be responsible for the sale.  Deal only with those members who have established a good reputation, or someone who has been recommended by other members whom you trust.


  • For Sale or Wanted Forum – When listing an item, please list the item in the thread title so that members will know what it is before they go to that thread.  This is especially important for items that are not SVX related.


  • Illegal activity such as street racing is neither condoned nor acceptable.  Please refrain from these types of posts, or be warned. 


  • Be careful of listing personal information on this site.  We do not know who sees it and many of our guests have access to it.  If you need to get a phone number or address to someone, use email or a PM.


  • Please continue the old threads.  Do not start a new one if there is another one already being posted to.  This keeps the threads from becoming too fragmented and will be easier to follow.


  • Not Exactly SVX Related Forum – This is not an area for personal agendas or a soapbox for totally off topic subjects.  Please keep them somewhat in the interest area of members here. 


The SVX World Network is a “community.”  As in all communities, there will be disagreements, however, if we are to peacefully coexist, we ask that disagreements be either worked out in a civil manner, or, members who disagree, agree to disagree.  Time and time again, we have been told that “this community” is unlike any other, in that the members seem to be able to get along without bravado and a need for “one-upmanship.”  We ask that you respect the traditions of this community that have evolved since the forum’s beginnings in 2001.


Thank you for your cooperation, and we hope you enjoy the site. The Moderators and Administrators are here to make sure these forums are fair to all and reflect the values of the majority of this community.  Moderator meetings are held, from time to time, to determine and adjust policy and procedures as needed.  We will continue to uphold the highest level of integrity and fairness and to look out for this community’s greater good.   If you have any questions about what is appropriate or if you have concerns, please contact a Moderator or Administrator for help.  Happy posting and enjoy driving your SVX.




If a member posts material or comments that break the Network’s rules and guidelines, they will be given a “Verbal Warning”. They will receive a PM stating (if necessary) that their post has been deleted with an explanation of why it was deleted and it will be requesting that they discontinue their infraction.


If the offense continues, a PM with the word, “WARNING” in the subject line, will be sent, along with an explanation that further infractions will result in a “Time-Out”, during which time they will be unable to post to the Network.


If the warning is ignored and the member continues their behavior, they will be sent a PM with “TIME-OUT” in the subject line and an explanation of the length of time the member must spend in time-out.


If, after the “Time-Out”, the behavior continues, or the member commits another serious infraction, they will be “Banned” from the site.  A PM will be sent to the offending member explaining that they have not changed their behavior and have been “BANNED” from the site.


We certainly hope that such extreme measures will not be necessary.