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Thank you for your interest in supporting the SVX World Network. Since February 2001, we have provided this free service to all as a way to collaborate, share, and just overall enjoy the experience of owning and driving the Subaru SVX. We continue to be the largest and most active source of information related to the Subaru SVX. Although the SVX is no longer produced, this site continues its growth and we vow to continue support and services related to the SVX for as long as we have the strong user base that makes this site what it is today. To date, donations from active members have allowed this site to exist, even when the administrators and founder have had a shortage of funds. In 2005, we needed to add additional cooling to the server room to offset building heat issues from additional equipment and servers that operate this site. Without fail, the members here responded to the request for help and raised enough money to buy a rather expensive portable air conditioner to meet our needs. Two years later, we have reached another milestone.

The server the SVX World Network has been running on for so long is ready for retirement. With some of the recent expansion of the SVXWN, we have been able to collaborate a bit better through VoIP. Earl (ensteele) and myself discussed an inportant upgrade option late last night and implemented an emergency plan. At rougly 2am local server time (MST) svxistentialist (our Ireland based officer), executed this plan that moved forward with an Ebay snipe. Since the gear is located in Australia and the time the auction closed was not convenient for US people, the competition was less than that of some US based auctions for the same gear.

I am now announcing that with the help of svxistentialist, the snipe on the auction was a success and server gear that would have cost us much more was secured at prices roughly one-third the average going rate. We now need to raise money to pay for the gear and put it into play. This is the final step in providing the additional services I promised for contributing members. We did not have the additional resources to add to our old server without bogging down the main forums.

This being said, please use the links provided below for making contributions for this fund raiser. (NOTE: please make sure all donation include your SVXWN handle/screen name so we can track and upgrade accounts for those that help.) No donation is too small. If you only have $5 to spare, we will appreciate it. If the services this site has provided saved you money in any way, please think of that. There are also a few of you that make money based upon the services of this site. We hope to continue to build a symbiotic relationship.

I would like to take this last moment to thank ALL of you whom have continued to make this place the outlet for everything SVX.

Chris Townsend
Founder/Admin SVX World Network

Snail Mail donations: (Checks / Money Orders made out to "Chris Townsend")
SVX World Network
attn: Chris Townsend
3480 N Shamrock St
Boise, ID  83713

Paypal works well, but there is a $0.30 + 2.9% fee deducted from every donation made with Paypal.

Google checkout has insisted we remove our ability to take donations via their system. They do not allow donations to be made through their system without a tax exempt ID. Needless to say, until we get some assistance filing and completing a 501c, Google Checkout will not be an option.